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Access Control Management

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Nowadays, the crime rate is getting higher and higher than we expected before. Many companies, institutions, and businesses are losing big because of low level security. Equipped with the best fingerprint and face algorithm, Access Control Management has maximized user convenience and security by resolving problems of other conventional access control systems that apply RF cards or password keys. Unlike any other existing fingerprint and face-based access control systems, PALACE ELECTRONICS can offer diverse high-level access control functions at an affordable price and is built on a detachable control structure for easy installation.

Most of the access control systems have a centralized operation system that requires RF card reader and lock that are installed at the door and needs to be connected to an expensive controller so it tends to have a complicated wiring structure. Our access control solution is not space-limited and so it utilizes
a convenient TCP/IP-based internet network that can perfectly support various entry control functions whether it’s just a simple one-door access control system or even a more complicated type. PALACE ELECTRONICS offers a complete solution for Professional Consultancy service from system design to full Installation and configuration of Access Control System, monitoring software, Annual maintenance contract for your existing systems, Remote viewing, Testing, commissioning and client training